Saturday, December 6, 2014

Three Little Bird @ Desa Park City

Three Little Bird  @ Desa Park City 

Three Little Bird Cafe opened in this year at Desa Park City,  located at ground floor, beside rakuzen and the view facing park .  Another great hang out place in Kepong as their business hours till late .  They also have branch in Sentul as well.

Came here for "YC "  time with my sis during late night.

Din't able to take any shop environment picture as too dark and crowded of people at there.

My first attempt on Mocha and Cheese Cake few months ago . Cant remember what flavour for the cheese cake. 

 This is my second attempt on last Thursday.  Cheese Cake - Orange Poppy ( If not wrong)

This time i had RED LATTE, i would recommend if someone don't like coffee and bitter taste.
A great taste and smell of tea for these. 

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Location: G18, The Waterfront, 5 Persiaran Residen Desa ParkCity  Kepong

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Standing Theory @ PJ SS2

Standing Theory @ SS2

I had been here for several time ...

Standing Theory located in the housing area just before the entrance of SS2 junction.

 a great hang out place and environment that you and your friend can be here.

Their customer services not bad. ...

(But I had to ask them to wipe the table for two times I think they forgot to wipe i think ... after keep all the plate and cup) 

They serve drinks for all day, different meal for lunch and dinner.

Its quite limited choice but special  ...

Previously came here to have their Waffle but missed out their time.

They serve lunch on 11.00am to 4.30pm ... I came here around 6pm+ which is after work ...

A very unplanned .. and asking my cousin to have our lunch today

Two piece of Waffle with 2 scoop of ice cream + 2 sliced bacon and banana ... cost us RM 13 .

Big recommended food ...

oh ya ! They also serve ice cream cup in their shop.

For non coffee lover,  you can have their tea .. I had tried their Camomile Tea (RM 7).

I <3 it

For coffee lover,

This might be another choice for you to have .. Flat White (RM 10)


Location:  Jalan SS 2/103, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Saturday, November 29, 2014

我的 第一次 


今年的第一次...重新在这里 留下 文字。。.. 以前的blog history 都没留下了。 

虽然有纪念价值 但不想留。。"delete" 了。。因为看回会觉得以前真可笑。。 


今天写什么好? 就写 30second ...

心血来潮的把朋友 order 的 hello kitty 枕头送去 然后  和她

一起 去一间 facebook流传得到好评的。。。。

                 “30秒咖啡厅" -- > Thirtysecond @Bandar Sri Damansara 

环境不错 environment not bad。
我们很早就到那边, 暂时没什么人。  
那边有个 uncle 很好人, 也服务很好 :)

和大多数的咖啡店一样在counter order your order, pick up your number and your drinks :) 

我的 hot chocolate ....... 不会太甜 可是少了浓浓的巧克力 味 。。。
             我 还会 回去 试 其他 的 餐点。。。蛮吸引人的。。还有蛋糕。。 

还有我的早餐 - 30second breakfast  / choices of type of eggs -Scaramble/Sunny or etc..

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 Location:      7-G, Jalan Margosa SD 10/4A, Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur